Hospitality Is Much More Than a Simple Gesture

For us, hospitality is a concept of great importance: it has ancient roots and has always played a significant role in our professional development. Through this simple reflex, we express our ability to care for our guests, providing them with the required attention in a kind and discreet manner, thus generating a sense of trust and reciprocity.

Furthermore, the opportunity to welcome people from different cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives helps promote mutual understanding and foster integration among diverse communities. It offers us the opportunity to learn from the experiences of others and broaden our cultural horizons.


To offer unforgettable emotions and experiences, intense and professional teamwork is required. Our team, from the kitchen to the dining service, is well aware of the values we aim to convey to the guests who choose us every day.


The Kitchen Brigade works intensively every day to infuse creativity and mastery into every dish it creates. We have developed an absolute dedication to the use of fresh and seasonal ingredients to ensure that each course is an exploration of authentic and refined flavors.


The professionalism that distinguishes those who prepare our dishes allows us to offer a wide range of choices. Paddock Restaurant, within the Maranello Village complex, is a component of the excellence in hospitality that we have designed. It is a creative setting where, with experience and dedication to the work, all the culinary art that we are ready to let you taste develops.


Our sommelier continually prepares and updates our wine list, adapting it to the dishes we prepare. With competence and professionalism, the sommelier is capable of pairing and enhancing the taste experiences that our courses can provide, amplifying the emotions.


The dining service, courteous but never intrusive, is appropriately prepared to advise you on the best possible experience, striving to fulfill all the needs of our guests, placing the customer at the center of the daily offering we present.